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Media execution, strategy,
and tactics designed
around real ROI.

What we do

Broadside Nine partners with brands to manage their media investments. With deep understanding of customer value, risk, and attribution, our investment managers work with brands to plan media investments and maximize returns. More than a media agency, B9 is performance management for media investors.


Full-service execution,
strategy, and optimization.
We do it all.

Our trading floor is your growth engine. With publishing inventory across the globe in every consumer category, B9 executes highly targeted, ROI-optimized media plans with real-time reporting.

B9 media strategies link advertising investment deeply with real business growth. By understanding growth KPIs and timelines, we build unique media plans and investment calendars that can directly inform your financial forecast.

B9 customer research and ROI modelling are designed to estimate up to 2 years of growth. ROI models are developed based on funnel analysis to diagnose drop-off trends and facilitate conversion flow. With every initiative, we begin with ROI goals, and work backward to develop an outreach strategy custom to every client.

“Set it and forget it”, is dead. More than a creative shop, B9 designers match creative ideas with data insights to optimize copy, tone, and medium against high-value audience engagement. As an agile department, creative optimization is carried out as performance data flows in.

As a media investor, we believe you should know your exposure to awareness ratio at all times. We are constantly reviewing the performance of your media investments. With AI-assisted performance analysis running 24/7, every dollar invested has measured return value.


Higher engagement,
tracking and targeting with
minimized path to purchase.

Pre, mid, and post-roll video ads are conversion-enabled to allow every second of every view to be a direct point of conversion.

Interactive media allows users to click on content elements to learn more, and continue to purchase.

Playable creatives simulate a game experience within distributed ads. With prizes in each view, engagement is extremely high.

Transactional articles carry embedded payment channels with them as they are shared throughout the web.

Display ads that carry interactivity can bring transactional iFrames into each impression.

Create and distribute custom promo codes across the web, allowing us to track deposits and conversions originating from banners, audio, social, etc.

Drive audio ads into podcast networks and playlists targeting by age, interest, income, spending habits and more. Pair this strategy with promo tracking to evaluate audio channels based on brand ROI.

Inventory + Reach

Inventory and Reach.
Leveraging The Power of
Numbers For Your Brand.

With high-conversion publishing partners in multiple categories, B9 manages relationships and reporting to maximize audience engagement and click-through. Have a blog or target publication in mind? Let us step in to open opportunities and manage performance.

B9 applies the same ROI monitoring to organic and paid social strategy. With advanced performance tracking and data-driven Graphic Design, B9’s creative shop can manage your social feed end-to-end, or step in to optimize performance.

PB9 offers targeted influencer advertising for clients in North America. With the use of click trackers, promo codes, pixel tracking and funnel analysis – you’ll gain insight into the real value of the personalities advocating your brand.

B9 has advertising partners on major audio networks including Spotify, TuneIn, and Pandora. With advanced targeting and dynamic insertion available, we can use audio media to reach target audiences and track click-through and conversion to digital goals. Available world-wide.


Experience the impact of real
investment management strategy
behind every impression.

2x Performance

Adding tracking and optimization tech to programmatic campaigns lifts overall performance by an average of 2X compared to basic digital campaigns.

3x Conversion

With clear data insights active optimization, In-campaign conversion rates can be expected to raise by a factor of 3X.

5x Engagement

Powerful audience engagement starts with finding the right audience. Using real market data to seek out sweet spots can lift digital engagement by a factor of five.


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Broadside 9 operates with
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